Tiger Eye Healing Crystals Leather Wrap Bracelet – Aesthetic Stones
Tiger Eye Healing Crystals Leather Wrap Bracelet
Tiger Eye Healing Crystals Leather Wrap Bracelet
Tiger Eye Healing Crystals Leather Wrap Bracelet

Tiger Eye Healing Crystals Leather Wrap Bracelet

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Bring power, willpower and energy protection into your life with our Tiger Eye Healing Crystals Leather Wrap Around bracelet. 

This extraordinary leather wrap bracelet has been carefully handcrafted with Tiger Eye stone beads, Picasso Jasper beads, Shoushan stones and high-quality brown leather. It features a large Tiger Eye centerpiece. This is a remarkable bracelet that will give you a lot of determination and happiness that opens up opportunities and it will reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and worry.

Wearing our handmade wrap bracelets you attract the fine energy that you are looking for. Wrap this gem on your wrist for daily enjoyment and personal promotions.

In addition to the beautiful golden luster, the Tiger Eye quartz is not only beautiful. The stone is also powerful with special powers. Do you have trouble taking time for yourself or do you feel that you are in a place where you should not be? In many situations, we leave it odd enough to choose for ourselves.

Tiger Eye is, as said, a very special stone and can have a positive effect on both our health and our mental state. 

The stone can relieve physical discomfort and help with, for example:


  • Tension; headache and migraine
  • Stomach and intestinal complaints
  • Poor motor skills
  • Cramps
  • Anemia
  • Joint problems
  • Disease; cold and sore throat
  • Concentration problems

Tiger's Eye is a good stone against fears and phobias and helps to process and resolve mental blockages. It provides a certain protection that can provide more peace and relaxation. This makes it easier to assess certain situations and to make the right choices.

The stone makes energetic, self-aware and promotes concentration. People wear this stone, among other things, during a study to draw strength and self-assurance from it.

About the item:
  • Handmade
  • Type of stone: Tiger eye
  • Bracelet length: 83cm/32.7inch
  • Adjustable with 3 closures
  • Material strap: leather

*Since gemstones are natural materials, the shape and color might slightly vary, making every of our creations unique, just like you!

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