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Our Story


Aesthetic Stones is located in Rotterdam, the second biggest city of the Netherlends. It is a city known for great multicultural diversity, Erasmus University, its riverside setting, lively cultural life, maritime heritage and modern architecture.


Our story begins in 2017, when two very passionate friends were talking about their interest in gems and handmade jewelry. This little idea of sharing our creations and knowledge with the world began to grow bigger and bigger, until we finally decided to take the risk and actually try.

It was not easy. Creating beautiful gemstones jewelry was one thing, but selling them... Completely different story. We were both complete amateurs and didn't know a thing about building a website, reaching our costumers etc. All we wanted to do, was to make beautiful bohemian jewelry, not doing administration and logistics.

As we were not prepared for making an income from it to be so difficult, we gave up after one year. Yes, you read it right. It was going so slowly that we just run out of motivation, inspiration and energy. But not for long...

After only few weeks we decided to try again and not give up this time. We are happy that we did, because now our bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces are worn by thousands of people around the world. 

Now Aesthetic Stones team counts 16 people, designing and crafting new bohemian jewelry for you. 

We always wanted to share our knowledge about the amazing properties of natural gemstones. The great thing about natural gems jewelry is that all you need to do is... Put it on. That's it. Just put it on and let the healing and stimulating properties of the gems do their job.


Buying gems is not easy for everyone. We understand that very well.That is why we write a very specific gems description for every product we sell. At AestheticStones.com we believe that everyone deserves to experience the healing and stimulating effect of precious stones.

Every gemstone has it's own special vibrations that resonate at constant rate. The effects of every gemstone are different, even the varieties of the same gemstone can have completely opposite properties. Wearing natural gemstones can heal your mind, body, spirit, help you in hard times or release negative energy when you need it.

To really benefit from the influences of gemstones on yourself, you need to choose carefully. Not because gemstones can have a negative effect on your body, but because every gemstone influences different areas in your life. If you already have good love life, but struggle at work, Rose Quartz will rather help you keep the great love life, and not necessarily help a lot with struggling with your career (Fluorite or Lapis Lazuli are good for that if you are wondering!). 

It's all pretty difficult, we know. But we got you covered! 

Every creation available at Aesthetic Stones has a very precise description. Explaining what the gemstones do, what are their mind and body healing properties, what area of your life do they influence, in what situation you could need it, if it's beneficial with Meditation and Yoga, and often a little back story for the mythology lovers (we see you!).

All you need to do is just find your perfect jewel piece, read about the properties and decide for yourself which one is the right one for you :) 

We personally like having a piece of every gem for any occasion, just in case we might need it (Labradorite to keep the bad energies away in crowded places for example).

That is why we create exclusive jewelry from our purest gems in our webshop. Wearing our jewelry offers you the chance to feel the positive effects of gems, without too much hassle. You just have to be open to it, wear it and... Look amazing!


Most of our bracelets are made of natural leather. Even some necklaces and earrings are made of natural leather. If you are vegan and would prefer to get a jewel piece made of vegan materials, send us an email to info@aestheticstones.com and we will make one special for you!